Auth Error when pulling all deals



Hi, I’m interested in pulling all deals from a specific CRM account (I have access to more than one). I created an app and here’s the request being made:

However I get the follwong error:

u’{“status”:“error”,“message”:“This hapikey (xxxxxxx) does not have proper permissions! (requires any of [contacts-read])”,“correlationId”:“xxxxxx”,“requestId”:“xxxxx”}’

  1. How can I reference a specific CRM account in the request?
  2. How do I grant my app access to the CRM?

Hopw you guys can help :slight_smile:


@dint Is this a custom app or a hubspot app?


@pmanca its a custom app


@dint The hapikey itself should allow you to find the specific HubSpot account. Do you know what version of HubSpot you have? The CRM is free so there shouldn’t be a need to grant access to it. Some of the older portals might not have it by default though.


@pmanca actually that’s the problem it doesn’t seem to work that way and
I’m not able to retrieve the deals.


I’m going to DM you, to ask for your portal ID


@dint where did you get your hapikey from? In your portal it said one had not been created yet. I just generated one for you and tested it out and I can see the correct response from the HubSpot servers


I created it on the portal, that’s weird…I have a hapikey and used it and
it would give me a response it jsut wouldn’t return deals.


@dint where you in a dev portal by any chance? Are you sure it was the same portal as the ID you gave me?


Yeah I just checked and like you said there’s only one id working and it’s
the one you created. I’ll try with this hapi key and let you know if it
worked! I also tried with another one of my accounts and it didn’t work
either. Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate i.t


np, let me know if you run into any other challenges.