Authorising an integration per user



I’ve built an mobile app that scans business cards and I’m trying to build an integration that allows users to sign into Hubspot in the app and then share the contact details of scanned cards to Hubspot. This appears to working fine with my account (which is the administrator of our account/portal) but when I get one of my colleagues to test with his account (who is just a sales users) it shows the error “You don’t have the correct roles to grant these permissions”.

Based on this question here: Scope to authorize Sales user from a app and how all the contacts are label as created by an “offline sources” it seems like Hubspots OAuth doesn’t work grant access on an individual level, but is meant to grant access across the entire service?

My experience working with other CRMs (salesforce, dynamics) has been that an administrator would install the integration and then users would individually OAuth with the integration. The integration would obtain access tokens specific to each user and could makes changes on behalf of a particular user.

Is there anyway I could achieve this kind of functionality with the Hubspot API? Its kind of impractical to require the administrator to sign in on phone for every user who wants to send their scanned cards to Hubspot.


@niclyth The admin would only have to install the app into the portal. Once you had the access token you could use that to make all of your calls for each user. You don’t have to go through the entire OAuth flow for each individual. OAuth would only grant access to the scopes required during the OAuth call. Our OAuth tokens are specific to a portal and not to a user.