Authorization Problem


Our company had subscribed to Marketing & Sales Pro. Recently, I want to integrate our product with hubspot.

According to the Authorisation API document, I learned that there were two ways to do that: OAuth & APIKeys. However,

  • OAuth: To use the OAuth, I need a dev account. Currently, I have an admin account and a new registered dev account, but I have no idea how to link them together.
  • APIKeys: <- I cannot access to this document.

Need some help for this problem. Thanks in advance.


Hi @mryuanchao,

To access the API key of your portal (not your developer portal), you can click on the avatar menu at the top right of your portal:

Then click the following: Integrations -> HubSpot API Key. There, you’ll be able to generate the API Key for your portal.

With regard to using OAuth; you’ll want to follow the steps in the following article: