Authorization URL not working



Hey Guys,

Im very new to Oauth and hubspot.

I have followed the steps mentioned in the Hubspot API documentations.

Steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. Created a brand new developer account and added an app to it
  2. Generated the first auth url with my client_id=b057b779-a14b-466c-bb3b-fa51164181b8

Here is my Auth URL:

Then I copy and pasted the in browser url tab. But it is resulting blank page. No errors and messages. What am i doing wrong in this? I also tried with different redirect_uri, but it results same blank page.

Please see the below attached screenshot of the response I got.


@manu Are you getting an error in the console?


@pmanca Thank you so much for looking into this.

yep, I’m getting some script errors. attached the screenshot of it below.


You seem to be getting a number of CORS issues which happens when you try and access an endpoint from client-side and the endpoint is locked down to not allow that. However I don’t expect you to receive that issue for this. I also can click on the link above and get to the portal picker so I can’t seem to replicate it on my end.