Auto populate fields on meeting booking form


I would like to insert some field values automatically on the meeting booking form. Now for "normal" forms it is quite easy: and then the firstname field is filled in on the Hubspot form on that page.

However, that doesn't work on the meeting booking form. Any idea as to how I can achieve the same result on a meeting booking? It doesn't have to be via a query string, just any way I can pre-populate field(s) in the meeting booking, when sending traffic to the page from an external website?



Hi @finnhelmo, there's not currently a way to do this in HubSpot at this time. There is an Idea in the forums that has received a fair bit of traction, so I'd suggest upvoting and commenting with your use case so that this can continue to gain the attention of our product managers :

I've already upvoted this feature as I do see the use case for this.