Autocomplete textfield in form



I want to add a field to a form which autocompletes as the user enters text. It'd be used to autocomplete a choice of State/Country/etc..

Can we put an autocompleting field like this into a form?

Look at the footer on this page, the last field below the submit button is the field that we are trying to get working. There is a working version of this field just above the footer that has the same "State/Region" text in it and we have that field working. We are having issues running the script in the footer group. It seems that our script tag is being ignored in this instance.


Hi @JoeKat07,

It's certainly possible, but it's tough to say for sure what the issue is in this specific instance. Is the script in your HubSpot account? Can you send me a link to the script in HubSpot so that I can take a closer look?