Automate Reporting CSV export to FTP folder daily


Hi, how can I automate a reporting CSV file export to a FTP folder daily?


Hubspot, can someone please tell me how I can automate Hubspot CSV reports to a FTP or google drive folder?

Or is there a reporting / analytics API available I cant find?

Please advise


@dean What exactly are you trying to grab from hubspot? What type of report or analytics? There isn’t a specific reporting/analytics API. There might be another way to get you to where you want to be though.


One of our overall questions - is if there is a way to get delivery data / reporting data via the API that isn’t documented in this portal?
We have the ability to ingest .csv, .tsv, database extracts and we have worked with partners in regards to DB queries as well in case there another way to get the existing information for E3.

Data Elements Requested

  • Name of Email
  • Number of Emails Sent
  • Delivery Rate
  • Open Rate
  • Click Rate

Data Elements Requested

  • Views
  • Submissions
  • Submission Rate

Data Elements Requested

  • Lifecycle Stage
  • Original Source
  • Original Source Drill Down 1
  • Original Source Drill Down 2

First Conversion
Data Elements Requested

  • Number of Pageviews
  • Number of Visits
  • State

Data Elements Requested

  • Workflow Name
  • Total Contacts In Workflows
  • Active Contacts In Workflows


@dean Everything that you can use is in the documentation there are no hidden APIs.

Are you having trouble with all of those?

For emails you won’t get all of the analytics but you can use this endpoint to get some information on them.

For the forms it will be similar, No on the analytics but you can get information about it here:

Contacts you can get the life-cycle state, original source, state, number of page views, average number of views. You can pull any property. So if it isn’t a property then you can’t pull it.

For workflows you can get all of that here:


Dean, you might also try which auto-exports some HubSpot data objects (Contacts, Deals, etc.) to CSV in Google Drive or other cloud drives every 10 minutes or hourly. Flatly does not export Reports, but single endpoint lists which you may be able to re-merge downstream.

Disclaimer: I work at Flatly.