Automatic Associations for Engagements with Type Email



When I am creating a new engagement with type EMAIL using the API (link), that engagement is being automatically associated with the five latest deals for the contact of the email. I am working on importing data into HubSpot from another marketing solution and so the associations already exist and I am setting them on creation, but even so the emails are still being automatically associated to these deals. The emails are also being automatically associated with the company for the contact in the email. Is there any way I can override these automatic associations using the API? I’ve tried using the update endpoint (link) but that does not change the associations.


Hi @Amanda_Kroft,

Can you send me a link to an example contact that has an activity like this, and the engagementId of the specific activity you’re referring to?


Hi @Derek_Gervais ,

The email engagement of ID 604603347 has five deal associations that I did not set. It also has an additional company association that I did not set. I pushed the following as its associations:
{"contactIds"=>[23290, 23505], "companyIds"=>[611023387], "dealIds"=>[]}
And after creation it has the following:
{"contactIds"=>[23505, 23290], "companyIds"=>[611023387, 611023378], "dealIds"=>[225909493, 225909504, 225909503, 226001073, 225909499]}

I would like to override these automatic associations or remove them using the API.


Hi @Amanda_Kroft,

Thank you for your patience on this. This is actually a result of the new way deal activities are associated (see the blog post below). HubSpot will automatically associate the contact, company, and the five most recent open deals to a newly created activity. This is the reason that the deals and company were associated with the engagement. The associations can’t be removed via the API, but can be removed in the UI.