Automation E-Mail change by API


Hi there,

i am looking for a way to change the content of an E-Mail that is in use in a workflow by script.
We have a blog in wordpress, and by a weekly cronjob, i want to push the newest posts into a newsletter.
What options are possible to prepare this newsletter in automation in hubspot.
So far i use a scripted wordpress plugin to push the html content into another newsletter tool. It should be possible to use that script to push the newsletter-html-content to hubspot.

Thanx in advance.



Hi @Matthias,

There isn’t currently a public API for editing the content of marketing/automated emails. Have you considered creating an RSS email instead? That’s generally the best way to set up recurring, constantly updating emails in HubSpot:


Thx @Derek_Gervais,

i will have a look at this solution and if its possible to include images in the mail that way…