Basics: where do I go now to create a form?


I’m trying to follow the instructions linked here but get lost at the very first step :expressionless: :

The first thing I’m supposed to do is go to contacts/forms. However, in my home page the contacts section doesn’t have
a forms subsection (or actually any dropdown at all). In fact, if I do a page search for the word ‘form’ it comes up blank.

For reference, this is the pattern of the page I’m looking at:


@Douglas_H_Bradshaw Can you show me a screen shot of it and PM me your portal ID?


Sure. How do I pm you?


@Douglas_H_Bradshaw You are in the CRM right now. You need to be on the marketing platform in order to create a Form. Are you a marketing customer? If so what version?


Also for the record if you click on my picture a box should pop up and you can message people privately.


Hmm, I get a box that opens up, but there isn’t anywhere to type:


@Douglas_H_Bradshaw Weird, not sure why. I was expecting you to have a message box in the top right.

Did you find out about the marketing platform?


Okay, I talked with our marketing/sales guy and looked around a bit and I now believe that we do not have a marketing plan–CRM only for now.

I’m getting mixed messages. Some sources are saying that only marketing plans have forms. Other sources are saying that the API works for all services and is free. So I guess what that means is that I should use the API to create and manage a form?

Maybe you can help me better if I back up and tell the story. Basically, we had an email that we would forward to CRM to enter contacts. It sounds like your system started filtering that email as though it were spam and so the contacts stopped getting added. Our marketing/sales guy called hubspot about it and they suggested that we send in the info using the form API instead of an email. That’s easy enough – the emails are automatic responses to forms being filled out on our app anyway and I can easily add an API call. Following the guide the sent a link to, I got onto hubspot under our account, looked around, and couldn’t see a way to add a form. I added a developer account. Now I see a way to create a form using the API, but for some reason my developer account is seperate from the corporate CRM account and I don’t know how to tie a form back to corporate.


@Douglas_H_Bradshaw You only have API access to the tools that you have available to you. Using the free CRM this means Contacts/Companies and Deals. If you would like to have the ability to create and maintain forms you would need the marketing platform. We do offer a marketing free version of our product that offers up limited functionality of the forms. That might get you closer to what you are looking for. You wouldn’t be able to create or manage new ones with it but you can use the preset one which I believe is First Name/ Last Name/ Email Address.


Thank you for that clear information. Based on your last comment, we have now set up the free version of the marketing product. However, looking around I’m still at ground zero: where do I go to find the preset form information?


@Douglas_H_Bradshaw Support would probably be more knowledgeable on setting all of this up but let me try. You need to get to the Lead Flows tool. Do you know have a drop down in sales in the top left? which should have marketing as an option. If so go there and click on content and you should see a tool called Lead Flows. Here is what I see from my end. We just released Marketing free last month so my apologies on not being 100% up to date on it. But if you can find the Lead Flows tool then you can go ahead and set that up.


Thank you for your patience.

Following your instructions I opened up marketing and didn’t have to drill down at all to find Lead Flows. I created one. It looks like Lead Flows and Collected Forms make it simple to have info flow directly from the front end of our app to Hubspot. But is there a nice way to have qualified leads flow from the back end of our app?

Just fyi, my screenshot looks like this now (note how easy lead flows are to find :-D):


@Douglas_H_Bradshaw Let’s see if this can help for lead flows as well. In the normal forms tool you can get the guid of the form. Once you have the guid of the form then you can hit the submit form data endpoint to push everything in from your back end.


I was able to find a guid. Here’s what I did:

  1. under settings/tracking source installation, there’s a reference to a js script.

  2. if I examine that script, it references two other scripts.

  3. one of those scripts has a form-configuration section with a guid and field list.

    “heading”:“Sign up for email updates”,
    “ctaText”:“Subscribe now”,
    “completedMessageHtml”:“Thank you for your submission”,


Using the form guid, I can post to the form and it works!


@Douglas_H_Bradshaw That’s great! Thanks for sticking with me and explaining to me what you see from the marketing free point of view.