Batch Contact Update Endpoint Not working


I am posting to this endpoint[hidden]

following the instructions here:

My batch size is 100. I am getting response status 200 instead of 202 (as suggested in the docs), and the contact properties on the CRM dashboard don't get updated. This works when my batch size is very small (1-2), but can't get it to work with bigger batch sizes.

Any ideas what's happening or is there a long delay for the changes to reflect?


Hi @vahed,

That endpoint is asynchronous, so it's possible that there's a delay before the changes are applied. That said, you shouldn't be seeing regular issues with updates. Can you give me some more info on the actual requests you're making? A raw request body example (including headers) would be super helpful.


I'm also encountering this as well. We are posting requests through the batch creation endpoint and receiving 202s (which I can confirm by seeing the API usage in the hubspot API Usage window), but when I check the portal there are no contacts. A follow on to this appears to be that our webhooks are also not firing so on our side the contacts are stuck in perpetural "syncing" status.


Hi @paul_iq,

Happy to help. To troubleshoot effectively, though, I'll need a bit more information. Would you share:

  1. Your Hub ID.
  2. Your developer Hub ID and app ID.
  3. A segment of the raw request body, including the headers. I'll start a direct message so you can send me these.


As a follow up to this, I found out that my particular issue was that my request was malformed. Obviously my own fault but it was misleading that the endpoint happily reported 202s nonetheless. If you encounter this issue (and this comment), verify that a) you know what the shape of the request should look like, b) that you are sending that correct format.


We chatted about this directly, but thanks again, @paul_iq!

I'll pass this feedback along so that we can return an error message when the payload is malformed.