Batch Create / Update Contact API returns 202 but nothing is shown in portal


Hello! I am using the batch create / update contact API to to push contact information into Hubspot from a c# console application. It appears that whenever I hit the API, I get the expected response of 202 accepted, but when I inspect the portal, none of the contacts have been added.

This is the url that I’m using:[myApiKey]

Sample JSON:
[ {“Email”:“”,
{“Property”:“PubType”,“Value”:“The Source Magazine”}

Things I have tried…
We created a test portal using my developer account. I generated a new API key for that portal and used it. Same results.
We trimmed our test users down to 15-20 so it would run in one batch and ran it against the real portal. We didn’t know if the Test Portal had some limitation with the APIs, same results.
We took the job out of the equation and used postman to hit the API directly. Same response - 202 accepted.

After looking around these forums, it seems that a common suggestion is to make sure to use Application/Json for your content type. That’s what I am setting on my HttpClient request, as well as in postman… Same results.

At this point I am at a loss from where to go here… The API is responding as expected, but nothing appears to be reflected in the Portal. Any suggestions?


@JakeGarris is this still a problem? We had identified a problem with their being a delay in contact processing. Which is now resolved.

There is a write up on it here.


Yes. The contacts are still not view able from the test I ran a couple days ago. I reran my test through postman an hour ago, and the contacts have still not appeared in the account.


I am facing the same issue. Contact properties don't show on CRM dashboard. Is this endpoint working as intended?


@vahed Do you mind switching this to a new post and giving an example?