Batch load crm associations


API already has ability to create or delete crm associations in batches. It seems logical to also have an ability to load associations in batches.

Here is an example: we can get the list of line item objects, but none of them include information about the deal they are attached to. To get this info we need to load a CRM association using the id of the line item... Which means 100 API calls for each page of line items.

Is this possible?


Hi @Anton_Litvinenko,

To clarify, are you seeking a batch version of the Get associations for CRM object endpoint that allows you to define an object type (e.g. line items) and definition ID and get all associated object IDs?

If so, no such endpoint exists at this time, but I can appreciate the use case. If you have not already done so, I recommend posting a request on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum. I'll pass this feedback along internally, but if you include a link to the idea below, I'll be happy to upvote it.