Batch not working right now



Hello Hubspot Team,

The Batch update is not working:

We Used the Following API:

we are not getting any error and Getting 200 Response!

But cannot see any change and it has already been like couple of hours!

So kindly let us knw when should we expect the change to really reflect because we checked like in 5 hours

We added 2 Contacts And 1 Contact was Updated one in JSON but stil no change has been reflected!

Batch update is not working properl !

When should we really expect the Change?



Has anyone used the contact batch API endpoint and give us some insight about it? If so, how long did it take to see the data appear in Hubspot or have you had any issues where it did not appear? We would prefer to use the batch endpoint rather than just the single contact endpoint to reduce the number of API calls.


Hi @Divyang_Jain and @idimensionz,

I’m not aware of any existing issues with that endpoint. This might seem like a basic question, but are you replacing the demo hapikey with your own portal’s hapikey? Can you post the full request body you’re sending so I can check the formatting?


any luck with this? I am having the same issue.


@Divyang_Jain @idimensionz @soulproprietor

Hi Guys,

Are you aware that in the documentation for the Batch API it is stated that the API is not returning any content (204). The only result you can get is if there was an error during the processing.
The changes are affected immediately in the HubSpot system.

Kind Regards,


hello, yes I am aware, however the problem is my contacts aren't updating. I receive 200 response so I expect success. when I go into hubspot, the changes are not made.


Hi @soulproprietor,

Can you make sure you are explicitly setting the Content-type header to application/json?