Batch update not working



I'm running into an issue with the batch update API ( It says the batch size cannot exceed 1000 contacts per request so I have tried with 500, 100 and 10. All the requests succeed with a 202 response code but the contact are not updated. For the request to update 10 contacts, only the first 2 contacts are updated. Is there an issue with the API at the moment?


I have checked the contacts that were updated with the batch update from yesterday (18h later) and the info is still not updated.


Hi Aiwu,

Thanks for your patience. Can you show me the request you're making (please omit your HAPI key) so I can take a look? I was able to successfully run a POST using so there doesn't appear to be any current issues



Hi Leif,
The request itself works, returns me a 202 but the contacts are not updated as expected. When I try with a single contact in the json request body, it updates the contact, but when I try with 10 contacts, only the first 2 gets updated and when I attempt with 100+, none gets updated.


Hi Aiwu,

Would you mind providing me with a link to one of the contact records that you were able to successfully update using the API as well as a link to a contact record that failed?


I have sent you a private message.