Batch Uploading Companies?


I see there is a method to upload Contacts in batches of up to 1000

I don't seem to be able to find an equivalent for companies?

Does anyone know if it's possible please?



Sorry that this is not an answer to your post, however have you gotten the batch for new contacts to work. I have been trying, receive a 202 success response but does not work. Was hoping maybe you could help.


Must admit I haven't tried it unfortunately.

Sorry mate.


Hi all,

@trevorjdaniel: There isn't currently a batch create method for company records. I can definitely see the use case for that, but I'm not aware of any plans to work on that at the moment. Your best bet for the time being would be to create an idea on the Ideas Forum, which is a part of the HubSpot Community.

@Cincom_Systems: If you haven't already, can you create a new topic with more details on the issues you're facing?