Bcc.HubSpot. .NET Emails are not LOGGED



I am using VB.NET and system.net.mail to send emails to our customers. This is an existing custom app running on our internal web server IIS and using Office 365 Exchange. It currently successfully sends some 100-200 emails per day. I want these emails to be logged to the relevant HubSpot Contact.
I have added the Bcc address as HubID@Bcc.HubSpot.com. HOWEVER it is not logged to the Contacts Timeline.
The email is going to an existing HubSpot Contact and is being sent From a valid HubSpot user. I have tested by using a different Bcc and the email is received at that address.
Any ideas what my problem is?


@JohnCooper The problem is when you send an email from the console or in your case system.net.mail it has completely different headers then if the email was sent via the browser. So we are receiving the email but we cannot parse the email.


Is there anything you can recommend that I do? Or is there a work around I could use? I thought of sending it to an Outlook account and then Forwarding to Forward@HubSpot.com. That does not work either. I think the header that you parse in that case needs the Contact in the From field. Any thoughts? I would appreciate your help as this is a very big deal for us. Could I do something via the API? does that allow me to add to a Timeline?


@JohnCooper You need to send it through a browser. Can you relay the email through an outlook account? Just use their SMTP APIs to send the email directly to HubSpot. You can use the bcc address there. That should give it a new formated headers.


Thanks. I am researching the SMTP APIs now. Steep looking learning curve, but I will get there and it will be useful for other stuff too.
I tried copying it to an Outlook account and setting a rule to Forward to Forward.HubSpot but Forward only works for a Reply. So i would need to resend it to the recipient and add Bcc. Not acceptable to the customer.
So currently I need to learn how to use the API. Thanks for your input. Appreciated.


Let me know if you run into anything else on the HubSpot side I can help with!


Thank you. I am having a little trouble getting up and running with the HubSpot API but I will keep at it and check the Forum for help. I think I should be able to add Events to a Contacts Timeline for each of the Emails that I send automatically. With references and links to the actual Quote or RMA that has been sent. So, that may get around the Bcc not working. More work! Our Network consultants are resisting opening up Office 365 to enable me to send email using the API. I am still pushing them.

Is there any possibility of HubSpot doing more work to make the Bcc recognizable when using system.net.mail?

Are you sure that the Bcc works when using the Office 365 API mail?

John C


@JohnCooper I am not aware of any work we are doing at the moment for system.net.mail.
For Office 365, yes I am sure as we have that integration built in natively to allow emails being sent out of the system. 365 along with GMail are the two platforms that are officially supported


Interesting Discovery. I tested my Quote send app using each of our 9 users as the Send From address. 4 logged to HubSpot, 5 did not. I was one that did not. We checked all the Office 365 settings, permissions etc. I turned OFF the Email Connection in my HubSpot, Settings, Email Integrations, and then I could successfully send from the Quote system. I have not yet checked the other 4 that failed, but I will.

Does that make any sense to you? What do we lose by having this turned OFF. Some of my users believe that HubSpot for Outlook slows down Outlook so they have that turned off also. I appreciate your input here.

John C


@JohnCooper No that doesn’t make sense to me. Please let me know if the other 4 went over or not.


Yes I can confirm that having the Office 365 Integration link turned OFF, in the Sent From persons HubSpot, does allow the emails from system.net.mail to be logged to the Contact Timeline.

I now have the automatically generated emails from several functions reliably logging to our Contacts Timeline.

Can you tell me what we will lose by having this turned OFF?

Thanks for your help.

John Cooper, VP

C Enterprises, LP



@JohnCooper I want to make sure we are on the same page. What “link” are you referring to that needs to be off? Is this a setting in the product?


It is in HubSpot. Settings, email integration, (I think) the section that has Office 365 in it. It shows Connected to your account and the on/of switch on the right needs to be Off.

John Cooper, VP


Very cool, thanks for the tip.