Beginners questions - creating a contact with a custom field


Hello community!

I’ve been asked to set up a link from another system to add some contacts into their Hubspot account. I’m new to hubspot, and I suspect I need to ask for a bit more information in order to achive this. Wondered if someone would be kind enough to take a couple of minutes to indulge my understanding…

  • As well as name and email address, I’ve been asked to send a couple of custom pieces of information about the person. How can I provide these? Does the account owner need to have set up some custom fields and named them?

  • I’ve set up a hubspot account so I can test this, and see that the Lead Flow form only allows me to provide 4 fixed fields - how can I set up somethign with other contact details to map into this?

Really appreciate any pointers to get started. I promise I have looked at the docs, but don’t see a really basic ‘getting started’ guide to get me on my feet.

Thanks all and have a great New Year!


@ordinate Here are a couple quick thoughts to get you started.

  1. Yes they do need to create a custom property and here is how:

  1. Not on marketing free. If you have a paid version of the marketing platform then you could go in and edit the form criteria to fit what you are looking for. You can always capture the data on a custom form and pass it in using the contacts API to create or update a contact record.


@pmanca Thanks, that’s helpful. So I guess I either need full access to their account, or details of the properties that they’ve created to store these details to. I presume I’ll use the ‘internal name’ in the API?


@ordinate Exactly! You will use the internal field name in the API call. Once you get full access let me know if you get stuck on any part of it.