Best practice to consume a method and schedule it


This can sound like a general question. But it is about the Contacts API and I would be grateful for recommendations.

I have consumed REST APIs before.

Usually when a customer needed to consume an API method, I implemented them in a C# or Java program and we placed the program inside a server and, if needed, we scheduled the job.

In this case, our customer wants to regularly delete all contacts inside a static list. This is possible via a manual delete via the Hubspot GUI. But we'd like to do it automatically and this is not possible via workflows. So I'd like to consume the function Delete A Contact and schedule it somewhere.

I am just wondering if the old approach I have used is the best one. In this case we need access to an available server with scheduling abilities.

Since I have been away from coding for over a year, I am just wondering if there's a better way?

Thanks in advance for you suggestions.


Hi @mobedi,

That sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I'd be interested to hear what other community members have to say on the subject!