Best practice to send transactional email to multiple emails


I want to send an email to all users who subscribed to a thread to let those users know there’s new content. Can I (or should I) use the transactional email API? I’ve tried setting the property to "," and ";" to no avail.

"message": {
        "to": ","

When I do this, the first email always receives it, but any after the first don’t

My last option is to use the single-send multiple times, but I feel this is a waste of API requests and slower than sending the single call.


I didn’t receive a response in this thread, so we had to speak with our rep and this is the answer we got:

For the transactional email question, the short answer is that we do not have a way to batch transactional emails. Transactional email is designed around sending targeted emails to specific contacts based on some action happening, not sending email blasts to groups, so he’ll need to make a separate API call for each email and recipient.

In case someone is looking for the answer.