Best way to get all engagements from a specific deal



Hi all,
I’m trying to get all engagements (i.e. emails, notes, meetings, etc) from a specific deal. I’m currently using the Get Associated Engagements method from the Engagements API (, but it’s only returning notes. There are meetings and sales emails that are shown in the web portal but not the API - not sure if the API endpoint should be returning emails and meetings or not.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @jlaneve

That endpoint should return all types of engagements, including sales emails and meetings. There is a limit to the number of engagements that will be returned, so if the record has a large number of engagements you’ll need to check the hasMore value in the response and use the offset to get the next set of results.

If you’re getting to "hasMore": false and you’re still not seeing the other engagement types, can you send me a link to the deal you’re seeing this with?


Hi David, thanks for the reply. The link I’m using is{deal_id}/paged?hapikey={redacted}


That URL looks like the correct endpoint. Can you send me your Hub ID and the deal record you’re seeing this with?