Best way to get the last activity date on a deal?


What is the best way to get the last activity date on a deal via the API?

On the API reference, I see notes_last_contacted and notes_last_updated but I’m not clear what these are… does “notes” mean any activity attached to the deal? or do we work through the engagements API instead for individual deals?


Hi @cre

Both notes_last_contacted and notes_last_updated get updated based on engagements attached to the deal.

notes_last_contacted gets updated whenever a call, email, or meeting is created for the deal.

notes_last_updated gets updated for any engagement type, but it would also be updated for updates to existing engagements.


awesome thank you.

is it possible to query the deals based on either of these fields?

which one triggers a sequence to stop?


@dadams Which endpoint can i use to extract the same info?