Best way to recreate New Breed ressources page


Hi there,
my goal is to create a ressources landing page like the one at (HB Partner Agency).

Because we'll use to host this page, and this subdomain will also be hosting our landing pages, it seems we will need to use the Landing Page tools.
If we use the Website page tool, we won't be able to have as its URL.

According to HB Support, there isn't much difference between landing page tool and website page tool, until i learned this morning that HubDB isn't available on Landing Page, only on Website page.
And i think, HubDB is mandatory to create this kind of page : I'll need a table with all our ressources (video, e-book, white paper, podcast, big blog post, etc) in it.

Any idea?



Hi @Sebastien_Chronogolf,

HubDB can be used on both website and landing pages; I think the confusion here is that website pages (in the form of the website add on or a sufficiently high product tier) is needed in order to access HubDB. If you have access to HubDB, you can use the built in HubL methods to create dynamic pages:


Oh, ok! It was a misunderstanding indeed.

Thanks for the explanation.



Any idea on how to add the blog post on a HubDB table automatically after publishing?



Hi @Sebastien_Chronogolf,

There isn't any built-in functionality to push published blog posts into a HubDB table. You could potentially create a script that waited for updates to your blog (perhaps by watching the RSS feed for updates) and then pushed those into your HubDB table using the HubDB API: