Binding tracking cookie to more than one contact



we have problem when two contacts (different email) submit form using the same browser (thus using the same tracking cookie), in this scenario the HubSpot tries to merge contact (i.e. it will update data on the first contact) rather than create two contacts with different data.

Is there any way to create two contacts (with different emails) but having the same tracking cookie, so HS will be able to - for example - track page visits for both contacts ?

Thank you.


Hi @przemyslaw.celej

A single cookie can only be associated to a single contact record, so there won’t be a way to have the tracking data for a single cookie displayed for two different contacts.

If you have a specific form that you’re seeing this with on a regular basis, you can disable tracking for that form so that we’ll only de-duplicate contacts by the email address:

Keep in mind that this would mean that you’d get no tracking for the contacts filling out that form unless they also filled out another form that did have tracking enabled.