Blog API Error "resource not found" when trying to get a single blog post


I am trying to get a single blog post from the API.

I can get a blog post using the example provided:

When I replace “351076997” with the ID of my blog post and change “demo” to my API key I get a 404 with a “resource not found” message.

The blog post that I am trying to get it published.

I can get a complete list of blog posts no problem. I’ve tried multiple blog Id’s with no success. Just the same error.

Can anyone throw some light on this one




Hey @Mark_Slade,

I think you are looking for the Blog Post API instead of the Blog API (the one you linked to).

Just to expand on our terminology, a blog would be a collection of blog posts. For example HubSpot has seperate Marketing and Sales Blogs run out of a single HubSpot instance so each of those would have their own blog Ids which you could use to get any Posts in that Blog.

Let me know if helps



Thanks for the insight… It works a treat.