Blog API not returning latest data


I am using ttps:// to return a specific blog post. I get JSON for the correct post, but it does not seem to contain the latest data. For example, I think the slug/url for the post was changed at some point, but the JSON is only providing me with the old path. url and slug are both wrong, and published_url is None.

Is there something I need to do to make sure to get the latest data, or is this a bug in Hubspot’s API?


Hmm, seems I was using an old ID for retrieving the blog post, maybe someone recreated it. Do the IDs change?


@cdw9 The ID for a specific blog post would not change, and you should always get the current saved data for the blog post. The only exception might be the auto-save buffer, if you’re editing the post in the HubSpot app and getting the post through the API at the same time: