Blog Importer, XML encoding issue


I’m trying to import a blog from a custom website via an XML file generated from its RSS feed. The website is not hosted on wordpress, I know that the blog importer tool seems to be supporting wordpress feeds only, and quite expectedly, I’m getting this error message :
The file for this import is invalidly formatted: Invalid XML content ; channel -> item -> null

What encoding does the importer tool look at, is there a way to convert its encoding in a way to be able to import the blog normally? Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi @Sergey_Grigoryan

A Wordpress export is going to be different from the RSS feed itself, as there is some extra data in the export. You can find an example of the format used export file in this SO answer:


Thanks for the reply David.

Is there any alternative to this for bringing a blog to hubspot from its RSS feed if the blog is not hosted on Wordpress environment?


Zapier does connect with both RSS feeds and HubSpot Blogs, so this may be possible using Zapier.