Blog Posts API: How to get blog posts by topic


We are using the api to integrate our blog content into our app. We are organizing it by blog topics but there doesn’t seem to be straightforward way to just get all blog posts from a certain topic. Any ideas?


Hi @liquid_wifi

The Blog API doesn’t currently support filtering posts based on the topic, so at the moment you’d need to get all of your posts and filter them by topic on your side.


This would be very helpful. @dadams Any new developments moving this forward?


@dadams I too would like to see this feature added to the API. Are there any plans to do so in the near future?


@dadams I’d also like to second this feature. Not having this leaves a huge hole in basic functionality for a blog API.


I will add my voice here as a feature that would be helpful. Especially as tags can be used to group content under a particular topic for SEO based landing pages.


Anything new about this?

This feature would be very helpful.


Hi all,

I don't have any updates on this at this time, but I wanted to make sure that everyone here is aware of the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. I make a point to take feedback from the Developer Forum and pass it along internally, but the Ideas Forum is the single source of truth for all product requests. If you haven't already, please make your feedback heard over there by either creating a new idea or giving kudos to an existing one.

I'd also encourage posting a link to the relevant idea here on this topic, so that others with the same feedback will be able to easily find it. If it's posted here, I'll be happy to kudo the idea as well!


I've found out that you could use topic_id as a parameter to get blog posts by topic.