Blog topic filter excluding 1 post from each tag


I found an issue happening with the Post Filter module.

I noticed when I click on a topic and get a filtered return of those tags the most recent blog post is not showing in those filtered posts? Say I have 14 blogs in “Resources” and I click on that category I only see 13 on return minus the most recent blog post within that category? When I review my tags and the inspect code in Chrome the 'filter-link-count' is saying (14)? I'm not seeing where I would need to fix the issue in the listing template.

Any recommendations on where I should start to look? Third-party developer didn't fix my issue & played ring around the rosy so that is why i'm now digging into it myself. Much appreciated!


Hi @Lizzy,

Can you give me a link to the blog page you're working on so that I can take a closer look?


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

The blog is I was told that the blog is not working because they are showing first post as hero section, but I haven't been successful in finding that in the template to fix. Perhaps that might guide you a bit when you dig into it?



Hi @Lizzy,

I understand; thanks for following up with more info! Support was correct, the most recent post is intentionally hidden from the listing section because it's being included in the top-most hero section. For example, the 'resources' tag only shows 13 posts in the listing section, but the most recent 'resources' post isn't missing; it becomes the top-most hero section header (see below).

I can help pin down the code responsible for hiding the most recent post, but disabling that logic would result in the most recent post appearing twice; once in the top-most hero section, and again in the listing section.

Does that make sense? Let me know if I'm misunderstanding some aspect of your question.