Bot isn't identifying our users


Hello there, we installed Hubspot tracking code in out application and BEFORE putting it the identification event is sent (

But even if I identify my user with his email, user is still not recognized by the chatbot and the only way I could find in order to attach it to the existing contact is to ask him back the email. From the support they told me that the problem is that my contacts were created via API, but I don't understand it, as I identify my user via email.

What's wrong?


Hi @Marco_Tibaldeschi,

Is this all happening on a single page load? After you identify the visitor with their email address, the contact needs to be created in HubSpot before the chatbot can recognize the visitor. Does this issue persist after calling identify and then refreshing the page?


Let's say like this.
The contact is created in Hubspot through an API call because, some of those, are old customers that weren't handled by Hubspot website. Obviously these old customer don't have the usertoken and so the cookie isn't direcly linked to a customer. What I was expecting is that, as soon as I identify the user client-side (using the identify and the same email address), this cookie was linked to the contact. But this is not the case. Yes, even if I refresh the page as soon as I open the chat, I'm not recognized. I need to start a chat and give an email address. If this email address is a already a contact, then I'm linked. But I'd like this step to be optional for those who are not really identified.



Hi @Marco_Tibaldeschi,

I understand; thank you for adding that clarifying information! I'm going to have to dig into this with my team; I'll reach back out in this topic when I have more information.


I am running into the same problem. Has your team come up with something?