Browser Auto-Populate Triggered a Form Capture?


We are using Collected Forms on our site, and have run into an odd situation. It appears that when a user's browser auto-populated our form, this triggered a form capture via the HS script.

We got two slightly different HS form captures, a few minutes apart. Our site only registered a single form submission, though (the second one, based on timestamps). We spoke with the user, and he told us he had filled out the form a couple of months ago, and so when he came back to fill it out again, his browser auto-populated it. He then edited the info and message, and submitted a few minutes later. This edited one is the one our site registered as an actual form submission.

Has anyone else run into this?


Has anyone else using Collected Forms had HubSpot capture a lead, but not had a corresponding lead in your form/database/email on your site?