Bug report: On edit form in lead-flow editor it did not save submit button label



When i create form in "Lead Flows"

Form button text not appear in api


Hi @Alexey_Syrok,

Thank you for your patience here, apologies for the delay. I'm working on this now with the team; I'll post in this thread when I have status updates.


Hi @Derek_Gervais ,

do you have any updates?


Hi @Alexey_Syrok,

I do have updates, though it's not exactly 'good' news. Apologies for letting this thread fall through the cracks. It was actually a bug that we were including lead flows in the response from the Forms API at all; lead flows and marketing forms are completely separate and incompatible. We've actually recently updated the Forms API to prevent reading/writing to non-marketing forms (e.g. lead flows). Check out the details here:


Nothing changed for me:

i still can get my lead flow form by

and it still have empty "submitText"

API do not show properly form information


Hi @Alexey_Syrok,

We shouldn't be returning lead flows by default, but we did include the 'formTypes=ALL` parameter in case folks were depending on these non-marketing forms appearing. Therefore, you'll still have access to lead flows, but the information won't be complete since lead flows and marketing forms are based on different infrastructure. This isn't something we're intending to update; API access to lead flows isn't currently supported.