[BUG] Timeline events timestamps have wrong conversion



Hi All,
I’m pushing events to timeline, but there is a bug inside the event message.
My dev portal is set to Italy timezone.

The same timestamp is used in both timestamp value and event message.
While timestamp is converted to the correct timezone, the event message keeps the default hubspot timezone.

As a result:

  • timestamp: settembre 5º at 10:13 am
  • message: Happened at 9/5/17 4:13 AM



Hi @LucaBartoli,

Are you using the Timeline API to create custom timeline events, or the Engagements API to create engagements that appear on your contacts timeline? Can you link to a contact that you’re seeing this issue with?


I’m using the Timeline API.
What do you mean by linking a contact? (BTW, all contacts have the same issue)
I attached a screenshot


Hi @LucaBartoli,

I realize my wording there was a bit confusing. I was asking if you could send me the URL of a contact record where you’re seeing this issue so that I can check out the record in your portal myself. I’ll check out the screenshot, but it would still be helpful if you could send me the link to a contact.


I sent you the link by private message.


Hi @LucaBartoli,

Can you send me the request body that is used to create the event? I believe I have an idea of what’s going on here, but I’d like to see what you’re sending to create the event.


It’s a batch request.
I can share the interesting part.
The timestamp is not the same as the contact i shared with you, because I can’t get that specific API call easily.

{"eventWrappers":[{"id":"THE_EVENT_RANDOM_ID","eventTypeId":"MY_EVENT_ID","email":"test@email.it","timestamp":1504709604000}, .......

BTW, the timestamp is the same field I use in the body.
Moreover, if I set up my portal to the default timezone, the two datetimes returns the same (obviously because it is the same field).


Hi @LucaBartoli,

Thank you for the additional information. I think I have a good idea what the issue is. I’ll take this to product and reach back out here when I have more information.


Hi @LucaBartoli,

Based on my conversations with the team that handles CRM events, the event timestamp (displayed in light grey between the event body and title) is displayed in the timezone of the browser the page is being viewed in, not the portal timezone. Does your portal timezone and you browser (i.e. computer) timezone differ?