Bug: when I update (and publish) a template, email which references it is not updated and still displays an old data which is not in the template any more


Detailed explanation:

  1. I have an email “[email1]”. That email uses template “[template1]” for web version. Template “[template1]” imports template “[template2]” and references variable from it.

  2. I opened “[template2]”, changed value of variable to and clicked Actions->Save menu item.

  3. I opened “[template1]”, switched to Preview tab of it, checked that new value is displayed there, switched to tab File, clicked Actions->Save, then Publish Changed, made sure “Make this template available for new content” is checked, then cliked “Update”.

  4. I opened an “[email1]”, clicked Edit and in HTML tab of editor saw old value (BUG). I also sent test email, incorrect info was there too.

I tried to work around that bug by swapping template for that email to another template and then back to original template. No luck.
Also I saved and updated the email for workflows, no luck.

I already submitted that bug to feedback form with real names of templates and values of variables (which are replaced here with dummy values because its sensitive data).

Plz fix the bug. It will be also great if you advice a workaround for that bug. I don’t want to declare variable in template1 because there are many templates using that variable and I want to define it in a single place

Thanks in advance


Hi @boqapt

Is the item you’re changing in the email in an editable section? Anything in the template for editable sections is treated as the default settings for that module, so if you’re changing something for a specific email, the content for the specific email would override whatever was in the template, and at that point updating the default settings in the template wouldn’t affect the specific email.

If you want something to always be pulled from the template, you’d want to lock that module in the template to prevent that content from being overwritten in the individual email. You can find more details in the Locking modules section here:


Hi @dadams

Please read my post again. I ask you because it was rendered improperly because I used signs < and > in the text of the post and names of templates were swallowed.

To be exact, in hubspot terminology they are not templates, but “coded files”

Is the item you’re changing in the email in an editable section?

No, it is variable defined in code as

{% set var_name = “var_value” %}

so not related to a module or editable section. It can’t be locked.