Building out functionality to push deal properties into email templates on send


Hubspot currently has no functionality to use deal properties in email templates.

We have a number of workflows which are triggered from the contact having an associated deal with certain criteria.

I wanted to know if anyone else was dealing with this problem and whether we can loop into the template before the email is sent to push deal properties into our own manual tokens we have defined?

Any support would be much appreciated.



We have the same issue here, and it is liable to make the management team choose a different CRM if I am honest.

Desperate for a fix or workaround for this!

My current potential workaround is to inject crucial information such as unbound deal information into the contact record using existing APIs

“Hi [contact name] you created these deals: [XXXX,XXXX,XXXX] within the last 60 days but did not complete sales process”

Another suggestion which has been made by external advisor here is to use the transactional email functionality, but imo this is tantamount to us sending the email from the API application itself…

There is a thread on this on the comunity pages as well which has 50~ upvotes so hopefully it makes its way in soon!