Button Styling for Newsletter Subscription on Blog


We are wanting to add a Subscribe to Newsletter form on the Blog homepage. The new form has been set up and added to the Blog on the template level. Now, to focus on the visual, I'm trying to match the styling of the button for the Subscribe to Newsletter form to look like the default out-of-the-box styling for the Subscribe to Blog form (gray). The current Subscribe to Newsletter form button is large and green, customized for all of the forms. However, this style is not right for the blog homepage.

I tried to target the styling of the button on the template level by choosing the CSS declarations, adding a class and adding attributes to change the styling. This did not work as when I made the change it only targeted the background of the section and not the button styling. I essentially want the two buttons (Subscribe to Blog and Newsletter) to look the same. Is there any way to target the button?

I also tried to copy and paste the code for the default button and give it a different class name, however, that did not work either.


Hi @company,

Check out the designer docs on the HubSpot form markup, you should be able to target the button with the selectors provided: