Calculated properties for transactional data


We’re using the ecom bridge api to set up a custom ecom integration and would like to store calculated values for transactional data on contact properties as well as company properties, such as the contact’s average order value or lifetime order value or number of completed orders. Is there a way to do these calculations from within Hubspot?


Hi @shamash,

Calculated and rollup properties were launched today (9/5/18) at INBOUND 2018 to Marketing Hub Enterprise, Sales Hub Enterprise, and Service Hub Enterprise subscriptions and offer this kind of functionality. Learn more about HubSpot's INBOUND 2018 product announcements here.

At this time, there are no plans to add calculated and rollup properties to other subscription types.


Interesting, good timing :slight_smile: Thanks


By the way @Isaac_Takushi, is it possible to do these calculations/rollups using the APIs?


Hey @shamash,

Not directly through any of our APIs, but you could pull property values, parse and calculate them on your end, and update a new custom property to act as a calculated or rollup property.


Got it, thanks @Isaac_Takushi