Calculating API Calls Required for Property Update



I want to do a mass update on one property for ~20K contacts and ~2K companies. Once the property is updated, the plan is push the new values into SFDC. Is there a way to calculate or estimate the number of API calls this update would require? The goal is to stay under our daily limit of API calls.


Hi @erika_at_recurly,

We can certainly try to ballpark this:

Updating 20,000 contacts: If you're using the batch contacts endpoint with a batch size of 100 (optimal performance), then that would be 200 calls.

Updating 2,000 companies: If you're using the batch companies endpoint with a batch size of 100 (maximum), then that would be 20 calls.

Syncing these values to Salesforce: This is much more difficult to estimate and draws from SFDC's API call limit rather than HubSpot's. According to the documentation on the HubSpot-Salesforce connector: "A single contact sync can take up to four API calls per record, but this number can vary." Depending on your Salesforce Edition and HubSpot usage limit, it may not be possible to sync all of this data in one day.