Call API on click of CTA button



I create one email template. In that email template i place one CTA button. now i send email to my contacts. once any contact click on CTA button from email I want to update that contact i think for update of detail from click of CTA button in mail i need to call API. Can you please help me to call API on that CTA button ?

How can i make it possible ?


Welcome, @viral33.

What kind of information do you wish to update on the contact?

It is not possible to make an API request directly from a CTA click, so I will need to learn more about your goal to advise on workarounds.


The objective is to assign a job to an available internal user based on who clicks the “accept CTA” first in the internal email sent.

  1. I send an internal email to all internal users with contact Y details.
  2. If internal user X clicks on the CTA in the email then we need to check if contact Y property A is == Q or W.
  3. If A == Q or W then we send an internal mail to X saying job already assigned
  4. Else set contact Y property A to Q and contact Y property B to X (the internal users email address)
  5. Send internal email to X with full job details for Y


Thanks for clarifying your goal, @viral33.

That said, it is not possible to set up this kind of logic with internal HubSpot emails. There are two main issues:

  1. API calls cannot be triggered by a user clicking a CTA in an internal email.
  2. When users open and click links in internal emails, they act as contacts, so it's not possible to check the values of a different contact.

Unfortunately, the default HubSpot tools do not support the use case you described.

The closest thing I can think of is to use workflow logic to sort and rotate contacts to different owners. See the Rotate objects to multiple owners section of this article.