Call Rail Integration / Webhook


Hi I am using Call Rail to have call-ins automatically added into the Hubspot CRM.

When they are added to Hubspot the lead only has a phone number. So the receptionist must ask for first name, last name, email, etc.

Problem is when the phone call comes in, the lead doesn’t populate until a few minutes later.

I called Call Rail and they notified me Hubspot must provide me with a webhook, specifically a pre-call web hook to solve this problem and have call-in leads populated instantly to be filled in by the receptionist.

Can you provide me with a pre-call webhook?

Looking forward to assistance.



Hi @willabhpharma

Would this webhook be looking to get data from HubSpot or push data into HubSpot? In either case, what data would the webhook be looking for or updating?


Hi @dadams @willabhpharma - I’m a member of the Marketing Team here at CallRail, happy to help answer Will’s question.

Will, we actually believe you bring up a great use case for sending the lead information within CallRail as soon as an inbound phone call is received. We think we could make some updates to our current HubSpot integration to accommodate this for you and other HubSpot users, avoiding the need for the pre-call webhook.

There’s just a few other details I’d like to go over with you to ensure this will fit your needs. I’ll be reaching out to you via email shortly.



Hi @dadams and @Madelyn_Newman – I’d like to do this:
Create Post-Call & Call Modified Webhook: When a call is completed in Call Rail, post call data is sent to Hubspot CRM to create or modify a contact. Data like the contact name, phone, tag, notes, values, etc. I’ve reached out to Call Rail support, but nothing yet :confused:

By the way, I’m NOT a developer.

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Was this implementation ever built out? If So I would like to know more about it. I am currently having issues with closed loop reporting using callrail, hubspot, and a custom database/CRM.



@Madelyn_Newman can you please tell me if this issue was addressed by CallRail?