Call Recordings - Need Much Better Access


I'd love to hear from @Derek_Gervais and others who care about call recordings. Hubspot obviously cares about them, as they are paying Twilio to store them, but damn, they are not easy to access.

How are you all getting access to call recordings? Did you just write your own API calls to the engagements api, page through a bunch and find any by type of 'CALL' and then do something with that URL? I'd love to hear more from the community

When building the engagements API, how could you not add a filter? There is so much noise on that API call a filter seems required. Otherwise, people cannot access this data easily (which sucks that this is really the only way to access it - unless you have other suggestions). Please do not explain to me that I can use paging and offset. I get it, but that's pretty poor.


Hi @terrance,

I wasn't involved in building the Engagements API, so I can't speak to the architectural choices made there. I can tell you that enhanced filtering is something that is requested fairly frequently, and something that the team is eventually hoping to tackle. I'm not aware of any current work being done, so I don't have any specific timelines for you, but I know it's on the team's radar.

With regard to your question (involving call recordings); what is your specific use case? I'd be happy to pass feedback along internally, and I'd also encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community if you haven't done so already. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see and vote on.


Thanks for the feedback @Derek_Gervais. I'll post up on the community. The use case would be really around what or are doing. Analyzing sales calls and doing something. We don't want yet another tool, we just want to listen to them for sales coaching right now. Really, just a list of all calls would be helpful. Even better, just add a filter on the API, like many of your API endpoints have already.


Hi @terrance,

Thanks for that; appreciate the feedback, and appreciate your contributions to the HubSpot Community. I'll pass this feedback along internally; be sure to subscribe to our changelog for updates on new features / API-related changes.