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Hi all,

Sorry it this is posted in the wrong category. I am looking for way to have my a href button open up the hubspot chat module. Is there a way to get this working? I have the normal chat implementation with the hubspot embed code.

Thanks in advance,


@michielagterberg There isn’t a way to change the launch button of the chat at this time.


Hi @pmanca,

I don’t have a launch button at the moment because the site runs without a CMS. I am wondering if there is a way to actually have a launch button on the site? Is there a code i can add to the button to launch the chat function?

Thanks in advance,
Michiel Agterberg


@michielagterberg No there is not, you can only use the default one that comes with the HubSpot embed code.


@pmanca That’s too bad. Where can I suggest this feature?


Maybe it is a good idea to add an ID to the iframe tag so you can use that to trigger a document source change in the href. That way you can manipulate the open=false state to true.


You can suggest the feature at