Callback for Messages when user submitted email


My lovely marketing department started using messages widget. And I have a new challenge, I need to track all emails address that users submitted in messages welcome form.
Does that widget have callback javascript function to subscribe to an event ‘form submitted’?
I look forward to your reply


Hi @Nikita_Voloshin,

There isn’t currently a callback for the messages email collection form, since it’s not a ‘true’ HubSpot form. We don’t currently have a public messages API, but I would recommend checking out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There’s demand for a Messages API, and the best way to make your voice heard regarding that is to post/vote in the Community.

Currently, the only way to identify contacts that have come from the messages email collection tool is to create a smart list based on the ‘Original Source’ properties, which have a unique value when contacts are created by messages.