Callpage integration with Hubspot


Hi guys!

We've recently made an integration with Hubspot. The main feature that this integration brings is the opportunity to make calls right from Hubspot - this was done to make it easier for sales reps and to save their time. Here's our integration in Hubspot's marketplace:

And we've got problem with setting up the integration. Our integration is made per consultant. If you integrate our widget with Hubspot you get the possibility to make calls from Hubspot dashboard. And the problem is with this that our sales reps cannot set up the integration because none of them has the super admin access in Hubspot. When super admin sets up the integration (for sales reps) all of sales reps' events are assigned to the super admin, not the sales reps. It's a problem for us, because in big companies there are not sales reps with super admin and it makes it difficult to use our integration.

And I wonder if there's a possibility to change it somehow. Maybe by giving permission for sales reps (without super admin access) to set up integration? We aren't able to do anything with this on our side and that's why I'm writing to you.

I'd appreciate any help!


Hi @dominika_callpage! from what you explained above, it sounds like you'd like each sales rep to "log in" and then you'd use that info to manage calling and assignment. Are you trying to have each user complete the auth flow & generate a unique token so that you can use that user info for assignment? If so, it's doable, but not very easy with our permissions systems.

How are you assigning the call engagements to your users? It may be that your integration doesn't actually explicitly assign an owner to a calling engagement you're creating, but is instead defaulting to whoever installed it. You should be able to use the Owners API to associate the engagement with the right owner by including the proper owner's ID in the call to create the engagements through the Engagements API.

Would love to hear a bit more about how you're handling that part of your application.