Campaigns in API vs Campaigns in UI



When I use the API to get events about a contact, I can see there is a emailCampaignId attribute in the events reflecting that the contact has been sent an email. I can then use the API to get more information about that, using ( - but that seems to simply give me data about the email.

However, when I look at the same email in the Web UI, there is another Campaign attribute (which is the one I am more interested in) - and that is the one I also get when I select Campaigns in the Web UI. Is there any way to get the information about that “type of campaign” in the API?

I hope this is somewhat understandable. I am reluctant to provide screenshots, and I can’t give URLs that would illustrate the issue here without compromising our API key.

Thanks for your help.



I’m looking for this information, too. Seems like the campaign id and campaign name should be part of all the relevant APIs, including Email, Blog, Page, Forms and others. I can only find those attributes on the Page API.