Can a website use multiple subdomains?


Dear forum,

My company has two operational areas which we categorize as ‘Zoosh Digital’ and ‘Zoosh Ventures’.

I would like to ask if it is possible to set up my Hubspot-hosted website in a way that the pages are hosted across multiple subdomains, reflecting the company structure.

My welcome page would be That would have two links, one for, and one for All the other pages would go under either of the latter subdomains.

As a result, and would point to two different pages.

Is this possible with HubSpot?



@kristof.aczel Yes, That is possible within HubSpot. You need our Enterprise package in order to have multiple subdomains in your portal and be able to manage them. Do you know what version of HubSpot you currently have?


Thanks, I am in the middle package. Enterprise is way too expensive just to have this feature.

Thanks anyway