Can datepicker field functionality be modded/overridden?



I am in the process of altering a number of contact forms on our website to integrate HubSpot forms. We’ve chosen to go with the ‘embed’ method for that.

We have two forms which are used for appointment scheduling, and these make use of the jQuery datepicker with some customizations that involve disabling the ability to select:

A. Any previous date, today’s date, and next two ‘business’ days

B. Weekends

C. Company holidays

I may be missing it, but I don’t see this level of customization of the datepicker field on HubSpot. Does it exist? If not, then is it possible you’re exposing your code in a way we can hook into your script and apply these mods?


Finally tracked down an answer of a sort, in that HubSpot does not appear to provide for cross-site scripting. So one needs to implement their own form/datepicker/etc., and use the API to post submissions to HS.