Can HubSpot call other APIs


Is it possible for HubSpot pages to call non-HubSpot APIs, pull the data from other sites and display in HubSpot pages?

For example, the purpose is to retrieve a user’s loan status in HubSpot pages, but the user’s loan status is saved in other sites (The ways to access it is login or calling their APIs). The whole process becomes, Users enter their personal info, HubSpot call the API from other sites based on the info, then display the loan status for the user.

If that’s possible, where will I write the code for making this API call or any supporting documents can guide me?

Appreciate, Thanks!


Hi @wlyu9248

Something like this might be possible, but it would need to be something that you could do using JavaScript on a HubSpot page. HubSpot COS pages will not be able to make any server-side API calls while the page is being rendered, so it would need to be something that you could do client-side after the page is sent to the visitor’s browser.


@dadams Is this still the case? This post is a year old, I wonder if there's any new feature that supports server-side API calls.

Thank you in advance.


+1 - Are there any Hubspot account types where this is possible? Or is it only possible by way of becoming a Hubspot partner?