Can hubspot open an opprtunity in salesforce?



I have two products. A and B.

Opportunity A is closed lost/won or even open

and not someone fills in a hubspot form for product B. My question is how can i create an additional opportunity in salesforce. I would like a new opportunity open for product b.

Leads - how would you deal with it? Just add an activity to the lead? As leads are opened per form…


Hi @Jonny_Katz,

I’d recommend checking out our Knowledge Base articles on the Salesforce connector; there’s a lot of information on the specifics of the connector there that I believe you’ll find valuable. If you have specific questions on the connector’s functionality that you can’t find in the documentation, you can reach out to our Support team (1 888-482-7768 x3) since the Salesforce connector is supported by that team.


hi i have read this documentation and the support staff couldnt really help me. the question is if hubspot can create an opportunity in salesforce. one opp for product a and another opp for product b if an account already exists…


You’ll have to write Apex in Salesforce to accomplish this for you. The connector creates leads by default, with no associations to any other Salesforce objects, except tasks and campaigns. The opportunity sync option in HubSpot enables this sort of functionality, but it’s unmodifiable. Nothing in the endpoints will allow you to do this, either.

The connector does provide the ability to create contacts by default, but it creates a private contact in Salesforce, with no other associations to other objects (except tasks or campaigns). Association of a private contact to an account and/or opportunity must be done with Salesforce-side automation or development.