Can i have Blog Title and Internal Title?



I want to add a blog post internal title for better organization on the listing blog post on the hubspot account.

I only have one < h2 > tag that have the {{ }} and i want to create a < p > tag to that i will hide and this < p > will have the {{ }} that will show on the blog posts list and the < h2 > will have other hubl that is the real post title to all the users.

How i create that hubl tag that i can insert in the blog post editor?

Thank you all

Daniel Marques


Hi @Daniel_Marques,

You can create a custom HubL field that includes a ‘display title’ that is separate from the ‘internal title’, and change your template markup to pull the value for the display title instead of the internal title. Something like this:

{% text "blog_display_title" label='Set a unique post display title', export_to_template_context = True %}
{% if not content.widgets.blog_display_title.body.value %}
    <h1><a href="{{ content.absolute_url }}" id="hubspot-name" class="link hubspot-editable" data-hubspot-form-id="name" data-hubspot-name="Blog Title">{{ }}</a></h1>
{% else %}
    <h1><a href="{{ content.absolute_url }}">{{ content.widgets.blog_display_title.body.value }}</a></h1>
{% endif %}  

Check out the designer docs for more information on the blog markup:


Hi @Derek_Gervais

Thanks for your help, but didn’t work for me,

On the blog i only have place to input one title, what do i have to do to have two inputs but one is hidden?
i do that in this way

< p style=“display:none” >{{ }}</ p>
< h2>{% text “simple_section_title” label=‘Enter text for this section title’, value=‘This is a section title’ %}< /h2>

But the problem is the external website that is linking to the blog having the internal title instead of the external.

If you could help me it will be great

Daniel Marques


Hi @Daniel_Marques,

That code example will hide the internal blog post title, and allow you to set a separate, visible blog title from the blog post editor. Since the workaround is just creating a separate input field and hiding the blog post title on the page, it’s not going to replace/add a new title field in the blog post settings UI. You’ll see it in the modules tab of the blog post editor.

Regarding the external site; I’m not entirely clear on what you mean. There are a number of variables that affect what appears when your content is linked to from an external site. If it’s a social media site, there are differences in the way they crawl your page and generate links/thumbnails. If it’s a separate site/blog, it’s possible that the content was linked manually when your blog posts had the other title. Can you give me some more details on this external site?